Sunday 28 July 2013

J J Cale - R.I.P.

Another great goes down. Sad mews of J J Cale's passing, aged 74, from a heart attack. His laconic style went against the grain of most country/blues playing of the time. Here's the Guardian obituary (which makes rather too much mention of Eric Clapton for my liking):

Jason Pierce (aka Jason Spaceman) of Spiritualized did a cover of Cale's 'Call Me The Breeze' on Laser Guided Melodies, retitling it 'Run' - because it's actually Jason's clever conflation of 'Call Me The Breeze' (lyrically) with The Velvet Underground's 'Run, Run, Run' (musically). All made slightly more confusing because John Cale, with whom J J was himself sometimes erroneously creatively conflated, was then a member of the VU.

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