Saturday 12 July 2014

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Marquee, Cork, July 10th 2014

Setlist of Neil Young and Crazy Horse at The Marquee, Cork, last night. Strange gig, as it started off in full flight Crazy Horse garage rock fashion, but morphed into something more varied, as some of the folky and country stuff was included, with even a three song solo acoustic interlude in the middle. I was left wondering if this was a concession to the presence of Rick Rolas on bass, standing in for Billy Talbot, who is recovering from a stroke. Some of the choices seemed like songs Rolas would be more likely to know and feel comfortable playing. Or maybe this speculation isn't the reason for the eclectic nature of the show at all. Maybe Neil feels he should give the punters a bit more of what (some of them) want, after some hostile reaction to last year's Crazy Horse tour. Or maybe not even that. Frank Sampadero confined to rhythm duties for most of the night, with Neil taking almost all lead lines.

Love and only love
Going home
Days that used to be
After the goldrush
Love to burn
Separate ways
Only love can break your heart
Don't cry no tears
Blow in' in the wind
Red Sun
Heart of gold
Psychedelic Pill
Rockin in the free world
Who's gonna stand up for mother earth?


Roll another number for the road

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