Sunday 20 July 2014

Cat Power, Olympia, Wednesday July 16th, 2014

Cat Power at The Olmypia last Wednesday. No one could deny that Chan Marshall is talented, and I like her records, but she just wound up irritating me during this show. She kept apologising for everything, complaining about technical difficulties, complaining about the sound being too bright, complaining about her wet hair in her face. The last time I saw her, in the old Tripod during the torn for The Greatest, she was with a band. This time she was solo. In my opinion, she benefits from the discipline of group playing. Usually when you say someone played for over two and a half hours, it's a positive statement, full of appreciation and approval. But here she just wore out her welcome, and everything started to sound to same after a while, with little light or shade or colour. Granted, it was a hot night, and the theatre was an uncomfortable place to be (a little more space between rows of seats would be greatly appreciated, Olympia management). But she didn't have to add to it by being so uncomfortable on stage. I left before the end. I'll stick with the records and CDs in future.

One crappy photo of Cat, as I forgot my camera at home:

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