Thursday 21 November 2013

11 out of 11

The intrepid few (if any) among you who follow my blog or what I post on Facebook or 

what I contribute to will be aware that I am in the midst of something of a 

gig-going frenzy. It wasn't premeditated, but it looks as though, by Sunday night, I may

 have attended eleven gigs in eleven consecutive evenings. 

  To recap: Pere Ubu last Thursday, Cian Nugent last Friday, Willie Nile last Saturday, 

Queens of the Stone Age last Sunday, Pixies on Monday, Julia Holter on Tuesday, Shellac 

on Wednesday (last night). Tonight it's Television, tomorrow a toss up between Dan Baird 

and Homemade Sin in Whelan's or Elaine Conway doing some jazz singing in the Wild 

Goose Grill, on Saturday it's White Denim, and then just because I'm on a roll, on Sunday I 

might head down to the Dublin Blues Cartel in Whelan's front bar.

  So, what's the record in the Guinness Book of Records? I think this is my personal record, 

as long as it's fulfilled. Should I start a Fund It campaign togo for the record, when I find 

out what it is? Happily, I don't have to pay for all of these gigs, although I did have to pay 

for a fair few that I wasn't reviewing. 

  Also, to preempt any accusations of self-indulgence or downright hedonism: you think this

 lifestyle is easy? It requires gut, energy, passion, commitment. And a love of music…

  Wish me luck.

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