Wednesday 18 September 2013

Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger in Fletcher's Pub, Naas

Funny story heard at Abigail O’Brien’s ‘With Bread’ opening, courtesy of Patrick Dawson, Co. Kildare solicitor:

Ronnie Wood, of The Rolling Stones, who used to live near Naas, would go to Fletcher’s Pub in Naas for his couple of pints. Part of the reasoning for this preference was that Fletcher’s is a strictly non-singing pub, so Ron would be left alone to imbibe in peace, without being prevailed upon to demonstrate his guitar-playing prowess for the entertainment of all and sundry fellow patrons.

What ho, one evening Ronnie arrives in with house guest Mick Jagger. A rustle goes around the establishment that this could be the night when Tommy the landlord might be persuaded to overlook his stringent rule, just this once, like.

After some requests Mick and Ronnie strike up in the back room (details as to set list are vague), only for Tommy to come in and inform them politely that there’s no singing in this pub. Half an hour later the boys are cajoled into giving the punters what they want yet again, and Tommy again comes in, slightly more forcefully reminding them that this is a non-singing pub. Towards closing time the lads give it one last shot, to pacify the clientele. Tommy storms in to silence them once and for all. A drinker says to Tommy, “Don’t you know who that is? That’s Mick Jagger.” To which Tommy replies, “I don’t care if he’s Daniel O’Donnell, he’s not singing in my pub.”

Thanks Patrick. 

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