Wednesday 7 May 2014


I saw Frank this evening. Not a bad movie, but nothing to do with Frank Sidebottom. Do not consider it a biopic. A bit suspect the way they make him American. Also a bit suspect the way they retrospectively superimpose social media on a scene for which it had not even been invented. Meh! Alright, but a bit of a cynical exercise.

I loved Adam And Paul, and liked Garage, but with What Kevin Did, and now Frank

Lenny Abrahamson has gone right downhill.

A straight's idea of indie music.

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  1. I loved Frank. Very funny and surreal and had heart. Didn't care that it wasn't a Sidebottom biopic as no nothing about him (but did recognise the mask). It was a film with music in it rather than a film about music.
    Agree that the social media stuff wasn't necessary.