Tuesday 19 January 2016


Low: released on January 14th 1977, 39 (!) years ago, two days shy of my 16th birthday. Nothing had prepared us for this, not 'Changes', not 'Ziggy Stardust', not 'Rebel Rebel', not even 'Station to Station'. (Of course, if we'd been hip enough to have discovered Can, Neu or Kraftwerk at that point, we might have had an inkling, but I wasn't.) Last track 'Subterraneans' was the lushest, scariest (at the same time) thing I'd ever heard. I thought the whole album extraordinary then, and I think it's extraordinary now. As the poster ads of the time read (sighted on first trip to London!, as well as in the NME): 'There's old wave, there's new wave, and there's David Bowie.' For once, the ad men got it bang on. Listen. Enjoy. Marvel.

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