Sunday 21 September 2014

Songs Of Innocence

So I finally worked up the courage to listen to that new album 

U2 so kindly gave me for free. It's not very good, is it? I mean, 

some bits of some songs are ok, but there aren't any actual 

songs on it as such. And that took five years? Over produced 

to hell as well, as far as i can tell from the shitty digital sound. 

thought of Neil Young's lines, from 'Crime In The City':

The artist looked at the producer

The producer sat back

He said, What we have got here

Is a perfect track

But we don't have a vocal

And we don't have a song

If we could get these things accomplished

Nothin' else could go wrong.

So he balanced the ashtray

As he picked up the phone

And said, Send me a songwriter

Who's drifted far from home

And make sure that he's hungry

Make sure he's alone

Send me a cheeseburger

And a new Rolling Stone.


Good non-review in The Quietus:

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